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At various stages of life we all face many different and often complicated legal and financial decisions. These all share one common feature – the need for genuinely independent and impartial advice to help us make informed decisions. We recognise that our clients have different and individual requirements and aspirations. Our aim is to provide unique solutions to meet their needs through quality personal service with a focus on expertise, professionalism and integrity.

We Are Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Trust Company


Management of share and unit trust portfolios


Retirement planning and management of retirement capital


The formation and administration of international trusts


Money market investments


Financial and investment advice


International investments

Our Charitable Division

The Charitable Division of Ewing Trust Company (Pty) Ltd (FSP 713) was established in 2005 by Andrew Ewing, the founder and former Director of ETCL. The Charitable Division provides a comprehensive service to Charitable Trusts; from registration of new Charitable Trusts, including Non Profit and Public Benefit Organisation registrations, assistance with legislative, statutory and compliance requirements and regulations, as well as transparent financial administration and management. The Charitable Division has grown significantly since its inception, and has under its portfolio a number of new or fledgling, well established and mature Charitable Trusts. The Charitable Division provides these services to enable each Trust to build for itself both core capacity and competency to fulfil the vision for which the organisations have been established.
We realise that starting a new Charitable Trust can be a daunting task, and we strive to assist each new organisation in order to allow them to focus on the good work that they have been and continue to undertake. The Charitable Trusts we work with range across all sectors, from education, social upliftment and development, youth development, social welfare, conservation and animal welfare, health care, sport development, special needs and religious.

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