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We Are Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Trust Company

Our anniversary is not just a celebration of our success. 

It is a celebration of the trust-based relationships we have built with clients,

dedicated staff and the community we serve.

Celebrating 70 years of
‘helping people to grow and protect family wealth’
1952 – 2022

Our Story

The Early Days

The origins of the trust company date back to the 1950s when the founder, Lester Hall, once Chairman of the Natal Provincial Council, opened his own law practice.

Some years later Andrew Ewing joined Lester Hall and an investment practice burgeoned, with particular focus on share portfolios.

Andrew Ewing

Lester Hall – Founder

Behind The Success of The Trust Company, There is a Family

A second generational family business.

Ewing Trust Company has thrived on this foundation and shaped an exceptional company that focuses on expertise, professionalism and integrity.

Andrew Ewing

Iain Ewing

Gary Collingwood

Gareth Collingwood

Our Team

We are celebrating our leadership through their years of investment and dedication to the business, ensuring that Ewing Trust Company is a purpose and value driven organisation that can stand the test of time.

The Directors of Ewing Trust Company, Iain Ewing, Gareth Collingwood and Angela Klynhans


Our Staff

The success of Ewing Trust Company is the result of the combined efforts of every individual.

We celebrate our staff, through their continuous efforts, years of service and how they are making the vision and ethos of Ewing Trust Company a reality.

Care, Compassion & Excellence

Our Charitable Division

We are celebrating 70 years of being a part of a community, giving back, seeing it grow and evolve, and being a part of its story.


Our Clients

It is a celebration but not just for our business. It is the bonds, the trust, the commitments, and the people that have made it work, helped it grow and, through these relationships we are celebrating 70 years of success.

Thank you to all our wonderful clients. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to an exciting journey together into the future.

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