Dear friends of Eden Kids, It is that time again where we tell of the happenings at Eden Kids’ world. It has been a busy month full of fun for the children as well. We thank you for the continued support and prayers from you, supporters of Eden Kids. It is already our third month at our new site. We are still getting it of the ground, but slowly it’s becoming child friendly. The work goes on, it wouldn’t without your support and prayers. Thank you and God bless you.


The campaign for this month was about Human Trafficking. We see and hear that women and children are abducted every day. We thought it will be a good thing to campaign about the same topic: “No to Human trafficking”. The purpose was to make children aware of this brutality happening in our country and to stay safe at all times of the day. We then went inside the community, putting up posters that warn the community and so parents know the whereabouts of their children.

Our Dutch Donor Event

Our friend and donor, Mr. Henk Guise from the Netherlands was in South Africa to run the Comrades Marathon and visited the Eden kids for the third time this year. All three times he has arrived with something for the children. As always, he had with a big bag full of takkies and soccer boots, soccer balls and a big cheque for the Eden Kids. We did a donor appreciation event for him at our new centre. The children were very happy to see Mr Henk again. Viva! Mr Henk! Viva!!!!!!

Epworth Girls School Partnership

The connection we have with Epworth Girls’ School is heaven sent. We thank the girls from the school and especially the supporter of Eden Kids, Trustee and Chaplin of the school, Becky. They came out to help with expanding our outreach garden, painted our toilets, spend time with the créche children, cutting grass, etc. We also value the help of the parents of the children in the school and teachers. In a few days they will be back to make a flower garden for us at the centre. Our centre, is slowly developing. Soon the centre will be sparkling, the girls will also be helping in the big garden to come.

Garden update

It has been a goal to bring back the beautiful garden that Eden Kids had. It was a sad moment to the children when the garden was bulldozed. We are slowly bringing back the garden now at our new site. We have just established an outreach garden in front of the fence. The Motheo construction company are helping us as well as they were the ones who made the children sad with their bulldozer. They have sent out their front loader and cleared the potential space for a new door sized gardens’ garden. All we need now is top soil.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our special friends, Wesley Methodist church ladies, for thinking of the children of Eden Kids’ children this winter. The ladies have been knitting jerseys for the children. The children are very happy to have received the gifts. We really value your great support, God bless you!!!

The Catholic Church Partnership

If you’ve been down to the centre, you might have asked yourself where we do our outside activities. When we started working from the site, we were allowed by the nearby Catholic Church to use their field inside the church yard. The partnership has been going very well. We thank Father Paul of the church for allowing us that outside space.

The “Pastor Dough and the Eden Kids” Book

When Pastor Joel went to New Zealand, the first thing he did was to write a book about the Children at Eden Kids. The book is available at Eden Kids office at St. John’s United Church. Soon to be marketed at the local churches and close friends of Eden Kids, St. John’s United Church, Metro Methodist church, Wesley Methodist Church, All Saints Church, and others. The book’s primary purpose is to be read by the children and read in coffee tables at home. Each copy costs only a R100. Thank you Pastor Dough, the book is great.

Peer Educators

Since the library is still on hold because of a space shortage, the runners of the library, Thabo and Sisanda, have been doing peer to peer advices and life skills with their peers. These two can’t wait for the library to be back so they can implement the new plans they have. But they have been doing very well with their peers at the centre with encouragement, leadership and motivation.

Thank you for your support and prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Nhlakanipho Gazu

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