38th aQuelle Midmar Mile

The “Ewing Twinkle Stars” took part in the 2011 Midmar Mile Corporate Challenge event on the 12th February 2011.

The team consisted of four Ewing members:

Blake Biffen
Tammy Hickson
Sally Brown
Liezl Meyer

The Midmar Mile is a great race and is the world’s largest open water swimming event.   There were thousands of swimmers taking part in various shapes and sizes:  adults who have just learned how to swim, some kids under 10 years old swimming with their parents, a pregnant Mom, those who need to conquer a fear of open water swimming, those how want to push boundaries to see if they are capable of swimming 1.6km non-stop, those who want to beat their previous times, those who want to compete against their fellow team members and rivals, those who want to be able to say “I swam the Midmar Mile”, and so it goes on.  It is an awesome achievement for all who take part.

Amongst the celebrities taking part, was the future Princess of Monaco and former South African Olympic swimmer, Charlene Wittstock.

The Ewing Twinkle Stars managed to come 321 out of 1300 teams – this is a superb result considering the fact that not all the team members managed to get in a decent amount of training.

Next year we’ll aim for top 100!

Sally Brown
Ewing Trust Company Charitable Division

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