Retirement is one of the most important life events you will experience and getting it right takes wise retirement planning.

What is a Retirement Plan?  All of us would like to be able to retire comfortably but the complexity in achieving our retirement goals requires a successful retirement plan. Realising a comfortable retirement is an extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence through a clear understanding of your sources of income and the future demands on your money.

Focus On Your Goals and Address Any Concerns: What will make your retirement special? What will keep you up at night?

Retirement is different for everyone. To build an individual strategy that reflects your personal style, you need to identify and prioritize the elements that have greatest impact on your retirement strategy.

What are your Goals?   Retire early: Business transition and succession: Create a steady stream of income: Leave a legacy: Travel/hobbies

What are your Concerns? Taxes: Increasing medical costs: Inflation: Longevity: Outliving assets: Lack of guaranteed income: Supporting parent and/or adult children

Why you need a Retirement Plan: Pursuing new challenges, rediscovering old passions, or maybe just enjoying life’s simple pleasures; no matter how you envision your life in retirement, now is the time to develop a retirement plan that takes full advantage of your resources. A sound plan will better align your expectations with reality and help ensure your money will last throughout your retirement years.

How to Invest? Exploring Your Options: In South Africa, all retirement funds are governed by the Pension Funds Act, but they are structured differently and serve different needs.

Retirement Fund: is a broad term that refers to a pension fund, provident fund or retirement annuity.

Pension Fund: is a retirement fund set up by an employer for the investment of employees’ retirement fund savings.

Provident Fund: is similar to a pension fund in that it provides employees with the ability to fund for their retirement.  A key difference, is that at retirement members are permitted to make a full withdrawal from a provident fund.

Preservation Fund: is specifically designed to invest the proceeds of your pension or provident fund in the event of dismissal, retrenchment or resignation to preserve your investment and the tax benefits.

Retirement Annuity: are ideal for those who are self-employed, do not contribute to a workplace fund, run their own business or earn irregular income.

Collective Investments (Unit Trusts): A Unit Trust is a collective investment scheme that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds together. These funds will be invested by professional fund managers in a portfolio of securities according to the fund’s objective and investment strategy.

Living Annuity: is a unit trust investment in the name of the retiree. Flexible and transparent and allow investors to choose their investment strategy in line with their objectives.

Discretionary Share Portfolio: Investment portfolios with effective diversification between local and international shares to minimise risk and volatility.

Tax Free Savings: TFSAs, which were introduced in South Africa in 2015, provide tax benefits in that all the growth and income received on the investment are tax-free.

Why Invest With Us?

  • Holistic approach to Retirement Planning
  • Professionally Managed Retirement Capital
    • Flexibility and Chose
    • Effective Diversification to Minimise Risk and Volatility
    • Consolidate your savings to simply your Retirement Plan
    • Regulation Guidance in terms of the Pension Funds Act
    • Legacy Opportunities
  • Peace of Mind
  • Expert Advice

Start early to get retirement ready or have to make up lost ground, if you got a late start saving for retirement and require professional advice, our specialist team are on hand to assist.

Complimentary Retirement Planning Session.

“The most important life event: an ongoing responsibility that lasts throughout your life.”

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