Do you have a vision of what financial success looks like? Let us help you strategise and develop a roadmap that will help you achieve your goals!

A critical aspect of strategising one’s finances is discovering what you value most and prioritising that which is most important to you.

What would happen if all of your financial goals come true? How would you know when this happened?  Goals are important in all aspects of life and that is especially true of personal finances. To achieve those objectives, you need a financial strategy, which builds a roadmap for reaching them, both in the short and long-term. It helps you develop a vision for your success.

If you could solve any financial concern today, what would you solve? For many financial concerns are ever present, especially given the uncertainties of tomorrow. While worrying does not solve much, having a plan to try to manage financial challenges can help ease some of that stress and improve your overall outlook.

What would happen if you made changes to your spending and saving patterns? How would you feel? A budget builds the foundation for all your other financial actions.  It allows you to pinpoint problem areas and correct them.  Differentiating between your needs and your wants. A financial plan to cover expenses planned and laid out will give you peace of mind.

Who are the people and relationships that are important to you?   When we think about people and relationships, we have to recognise it is no longer just about an individual.  Family demographics and key business relationships play a key role in a financial strategy. Who are all the key people in your life? How will the plan you propose impact them?

What are the risks in your life that worry you?  Going beyond investments what are the risks in other parts of your life? Explore all the probabilities and the impact of life events on your financial strategy. Emergency Risk? Health Risk? Legal Risk? Retirement Risk? Business Risk? Market Risk? Family Risk? Personality Risk?

Emotions and beliefs impact everything we do. What drives your behaviour when it comes to financial matters?  Values? Life Experiences? Beliefs? Dreams? Fears? Passions? Upbringing?

Life comes at us fast, what will your priorities be now and in the future? What are the ‘things that matter most’ to you?

PRESENT: What financial strategy priorities do you need to address now?  FUTURE: What will your family priorities be in the future?

If you could fast-forward to your ideal retirement, what would we find you doing to fill your days? Visions for retirement are as unique as you are.  The reality is that everyone will retire one day, it is up to you to make sure that you have a financial strategy for a successful retirement.

Our Ewing team of highly qualified professionals have years of experience in helping clients visualise financial possibilities and guiding them in taking measures to attain their goals.



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